Get your Home Ready for Holiday Rentals


It is almost that time of the year when we escape our everyday routines and homes to spend quality time with friends and family in someone else’s home. It is also that time of the year when many home owners are getting their homes ready for their paying holiday guests. I have shared my own 10 top tips below to get your property rental ready before the holiday season.

When preparing your home for paying guests, it is important to provide them with the best experience possible. I always think of preparing things that I might expect as a paying guest (basic welcome pack from the home owner) or adding a special surprise element (scented candles or books) to leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Not only will satisfied guests want to stay again, but you may just receive a referral or two from guests who have enjoyed their time and experience in your home, and who ultimately will recommend your home as a destination for friends and family.

To make your home as inviting as possible, here are 10 simple ways to prepare for paying guests.

  1. Keep the exterior clean – clear away leaves, trim back the trees, maintain your swimming pool and remove any debris from the front entrance and back garden. Keeping the exterior of your home clean and tidy will give a wonderful first impression to your guests.
  2. Do a Little “Spring Cleaning” – keeping your home clean (especially the eating, sleeping and bathing areas) it all goes a long way in providing guests with a positive experience. Use gently-scented cleaning products and keep your home spotless leading up to your guests arriving. This will make for less effort and rush on the day they arrive.
  3. Style your bathrooms with toiletries – purchase local  and hotel-esque products to style your space, provide the essentials your guests may need for a cozier stay and keep a stock of items they may forget to bring themselves. Think: mini soaps, handsoap, beach towels, bath towels and more.
  4. Provide the kitchen essentials – ensure your kitchen is stocked with essentials for cooking meals, such as a variety of spices, cooking equipment and fresh kitchen towels for cleaning up. Your guests shouldn’t have to purchase an entire kitchen set and grocery list.
  5. Bedroom, bedroom, bedroom – stage your guest bedrooms or sleeping areas to be cosy, comforting and inviting with fresh white linen, blankets, decorative pillows and even extra linen for emergencies. Your guests will love (and appreciate) a warm and quality sleeping space where they can rest and relax.
  6. Don’t forget the flowers – not every guest will enjoy the scent or presence of flowers everywhere, but a simple vase of florals with an inoffensive scent can set the tone for a friendly, bright and positive space – one your guests will want to spend time in.
  7. Make important information available – from WiFi passwords and tv-remote instructions to emergency contact information and brochures about local entertainment, providing guests with resources of important information can make all the difference to the quality of their stay.
  8. The most important meal of the day – for a personal touch, leave a few breakfast essentials for your guests as a morning gift, such as ground coffee, fresh muffins and fruits. If your guests have children, this will make their morning routine seamless and simple.
  9. Make room in the cupboards – your guests will likely have clothing and accessories they will want to hang up, fold neatly or keep crease-free. Make room in your cupboards and provide extra clothing hangers for guests to help them feel more at home, and to keep them from having to live out of their suitcases or travel bags for the duration of their stay.
  10. Test it out – Before your guests arrive, test the quality of your mattresses, couches and appliances to ensure they’re not only in working order but are also clean, comfortable and simple to use. Doing this prior to guests arriving will allow you time to fix any issues if they arise and will provide guests with a very relaxing, stress-free stay.

If you are looking for ideas on Welcome packs for your guests, please contact me and I will be happy to put together a bespoke idea to make your home stand out! We recently completed a ‘Summer Welcome Pack’ for family visiting us with colourful kikoy beach towels, scented candles and local home and travel magazines to get them in the summer mood.

With Inspiration,


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